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Using AI Recommended Questions

Stuck for an idea?

Delighted's AI Recommended Questions can help refine your follow-up questions — offering you three, on-point alternatives at every go — in any language. 

AI needs a hint! 

AI requires 2 questions to establish the target audience and your survey's purpose. This bit of information is enough for AI to generate relevant follow-up questions — after which the AI Recommended button lights up everywhere!  

a. In the Question library

b. When entering a new question

c. On the Survey editing page

Nearly every Surveys' template starts with 2 or more questions, so you're good to go to AI for suggestions!  

However, if you are starting from scratch, you'll need to create 2 questions first. For example:

Ask your first question  → (ex. "Did you buy the new Amazing Potato Peeler?")
Ask a second follow-up question → (ex. "How would you rate the performance of the Amazing Potato Peeler?" 5-star)
Click "AI Recommended" → and pick a new question! 
Take the normal steps to finish-up your question:
  • Select a response format → 
  • Adjust your question settings → 
  • Click "Save question"

Ditch writer's block with AI Recommended Questions! 

Don't feel locked into your initial questions. Simply start with any two questions, then let our AI brainstorm the rest.

Don't worry, you can swap in AI ideas and ditch your original questions anytime. 

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Combining AI & logic 

Let's put AI Recommended Questions through its paces with a simple — and dare we say obscure — use case.

Use case: Drill-down analysis

Using a drill-down questioning technique, we'll delve into customer likes and dislikes around a new product — the Amazing Potato Peeler. To get to the bottom of user satisfaction and preferences, we'll use a Yes/No conditional logic question to begin our 3 x 3 drill-down.

Ask a conditional logic question to filter relevant follow-up inquiries. Be specific. Be clear with the filtering condition and the name of your product or brand.
For example: 
"Did you buy the new Amazing Potato Peeler?" " Yes" or "No"
  • Trigger 3 follow-up questions for those selecting "Yes"
  • Trigger 3 different questions for those answering "No"

Brainstorm your first follow-up question →  (ex. "How satisfied are you with your purchase?")
Ask a targeted question to provide context for AI →  (ex. the keywords here are "satisfied" and "purchase")

Our AI Recommended Question drill-down results

When we ran AI Recommended Questions, we landed on these alternatives for our Yes/No conditional logic drill-down:


For the Amazing Potato Peeler buyers (Yes) we set the context by changing key terms in our first two questions to gauge satisfaction, elicit feedback, and understand usage. 

1. Gauge satisfaction:

  • How satisfied are you with your purchase?
  • How satisfied are you with the performance of the Amazing Potato Peeler on a scale of 1-5?
  • What features of the Amazing Potato Peeler do you find most valuable?

2. Elicit feedback:

  • How would you rate the quality of your purchase?
  • Would you recommend the Amazing Potato Peeler to others? Why or why not?
  • Is there anything we could do to improve the Amazing Potato Peeler?

3. Understand usage:

  • Have you used any other potato peeler before?
  • How often do you typically use the Amazing Potato Peeler?
  • For what types of potatoes do you primarily use the Amazing Potato Peeler?


For negative (No) answers, we targeted the reasons respondents didn't buy, gauged future interest, and assessed alternative potato peeler preferences.

1. Understand why not:

  • What prevented you from purchasing the Amazing Potato Peeler?
  • Was there a specific feature you were looking for that the Amazing Potato Peeler lacked?
  • What features do you look for in a kitchen gadget?

2. Gauge interest:

  • Would you consider purchasing the Amazing Potato Peeler in the future?
  • What price range would make you more likely to consider purchasing the Amazing Potato Peeler?
  • Are you currently looking for a new potato peeler?

3. Gather alternative preferences:

  • What potato peeler do you currently use?
  • What features are most important to you in a potato peeler?
  • What features would you like to see improved in the Amazing Potato Peeler?

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Five tips for AI Recommended Questions

  1. Tailor your first two questions to your specific product and target audience. Give AI a hint or two to work with!
  2. Keep the questions short, clear, and concise — so go back and edit your early questions to meet this notion
  3. Use a variety of question types to keep the survey engaging (ex. multiple choice, open text answer, graphic questions, etc.)
  4. Use conditional logic to ask more specific questions based on previous answers
  5. Collaborate with others before sending your survey to a larger audience. Don't trust AI Recommended Questions until you've run them by your collaborators

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