Exporting and Sharing Results

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Exporting results

Exporting sends a complete copy of your results to the email address associated with your account in a CSV file. CSV is shorthand for comma-separated values — a format compatible with every major spreadsheet (ex. Excel, Sheets, Numbers, and more).

There are two export locations, each downloading a different set of results:

1 Results page Exports a complete summary of your data, including counts for each answer choice for every question
2 Responses page Exports every individual response with the exact answers to each question

To export your data:

Open your Results → by clicking your 'Published' survey index card
Click either the 'Results" tab →  or the "Responses" tab 
Click "Export data"

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Sharing a chart, comparison, or individual response

Sharing a single chart or individual response with stakeholders can be impactful. 

To share:

Click either the 'Results" tab →  or the "Responses" tab
Click open your targeted visualization or individual response card
Click "Share"
"Copy" the link
Distribute the link

About sharing your results link

Paste you link into messages, social media, email, Slack — you name it. Apps that are oEmbed enabled will display a visualization of your results without having to click the link. 

How handy is that!

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