Publishing and Sharing Surveys — via Link & Web

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About publishing your surveys

Click the "Publish survey" button to take your survey live! 

Publishing will:

1 Take you to the Distributions section, where you can:
  • Pick "Copy link" to share your survey link with respondents 
  • Choose "Setup" to configure your Web widget for inclusion on your website
2 Begin populating your live Results page and start tracking incoming feedback. (Notice the blue check next to "Link" and "Web widget" if they are enabled)
3 Lock parts of the survey to ensure validity and reliability

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Publishing step-by-step

To publish a survey:

Click the "My surveys" button → and select "Drafts"
Click any "Unpublished" (or draft) survey card
Click the "Publish survey" button
Click "Yes, publish"
Copy your link if you are using the Link distribution→ click "Setup" if you wish to configure  your Web widget for distribution

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Distributing your surveys — via Link & Web

You can use both the Link and Web distributions in combination, or independently — whatever your campaign requires.


The Link distribution is automatically enabled as you click "Publish survey." It's always ready to go to work. Click "Copy link" to place the link in your clipboard for use in your campaign. 

Learn all the clicky details in:

Web widget

Web distribution requires 2 steps:

1 Prepare your survey's widget Click "Setup" to prepare your survey widget by setting your survey's appearance, targeting, and display behavior in our intuitive configuration panel. 
Then, copy your JavaScript snippet for inclusion on your website. Learn more by reading:

2 Launch the widget on your site Launch survey widgets anywhere on your site. No code edits needed — just copy one JavaScript snippet, embed, and start collecting insights. Update, add, or replace surveys anytime for ultimate flexibility. Use 3rd party providers as well — Shopify, Squarespace, and Google Tag Manager. Find your snippet and learn how to embed it in:

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Editing published surveys

Limited Editing After Publishing

Once you publish your survey, it becomes locked to ensure respondents see a consistent experience. While some editing options are restricted, you can still address many things! For example:

  • Fix typos and grammatical errors in questions and answer choices
  • Update your "Thank you" message to express your gratitude to respondents
  • Change your "Welcome message" as needed

Need a deeper dive?

Check out our guide on Editing Published (vs. Unpublished) surveys to learn more about what you can (and can't) change after publishing.

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