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About branding your surveys

Branding lets you:

  • Add a logo or image to your surveys
  • Change the accent color 
  • Change the shape of your response buttons

Rebrand your surveys at any time — even after you publish and start collecting results!

For convenience, there are two places to access branding:

1 From the "Branding" tab at the top of the page → as explained next
2 From the survey preview → by clicking the "paintbrush" icon

Branding will apply to all of your surveys

Your color choice automatically applies to all surveys, keeping your brand consistent. Web widget surveys showcase your button style and fill options (space limitations prevent logos). Link surveys also display your logo for a polished look (as seen above).

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Setting logo, color, and button styles

To brand (or rebrand) your surveys:

Click the "Branding" tab
Select "Choose file" to insert a logo or image (or simply drag and drop) → any GIF, JPEG, or PNG file will do!
Your accent color will automatically change to compliment colors found in your logo. If the color selection doesn't match your palette, then change the Color settings after your logo has uploaded.
Manipulate the "Button color" selection palette → to change the accent color
Alternatively, enter a hexadecimal color value → and precisely change the value
Alter the "Button shape" → to rounded, squared, or beveled
Change the "Options style" of your answer choices → to full color or white
Click 'Save changes"
The questions on the Branding page are examples

The Branding page questions are samples illustrating how your branding will look in a variety of question formats. Use the "forward" and "back" arrows to flick between the sample questions, as seen in the below image.

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Changing your survey's branding as you preview

If it’s your first time creating a questionnaire in Delighted Surveys, the Branding modal will open automatically as you access Preview mode — which is a not too subtle hint to liven things up! 

To preview a survey and alter the branding in one go:

Open your survey editing page
Click "Preview"
Click the "paintbrush" icon → and change the "Logo," "Color" value, and "Button" options
Save your changes

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